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  • DIN ANSI Whole Plastic Pneumatic Actuator Shell True Union Ball Valve

    Ball Valve

    DIN ANSI Whole Plastic Pneumatic Actuator Shell True Union Ball Valve

    1.Material: PVC -U/C

    2.Size :DN15-100 1/2”-4”16A-100A

    3.Standard: DIN,ASTM.JIS.GB/T4219.2

    4.connection: socket

    5.Color: body: gray

    6.Whole plastic pneumatic actuator shell for better corrosion

      Product Features

      1.Small switch torque.
      2.Replaceable parts, compact and economical.
      3.The material is nano-modified to improve the pressure resistance and impact resistance of the product.
      4.Thickened valve body for high compression resistance.
      5.100% pressure test before delivery.
      6.Actuator passed 3000,000 opening and closing tests7.
      7.Optional single,acting actuator and various solenoid valves,position monitoring switch.
      What is advantage of our pneumatic actuator ball valve?
      1, Fast response:
      Pneumatic ball valves are controlled by pneumatic actuators, which can quickly open or close the valve without manual operation, with fast response speed.
      2, simple structure:
      Pneumatic ball valve consists of simple components such as ball, seat, valve stem and pneumatic actuator, compact structure, small volume, light weight, easy to install and maintain.
      3, good sealing performance:
      The ball and the seat are at an angle of 90 degrees, when the valve is closed, the seal is formed between the seat on the ball and the valve body, which can effectively prevent the medium from leaking.
      4, small flow resistance:
      The ball of the pneumatic ball valve is smooth inside, and the flow path is simple, so it has a small flow resistance and can realize the transmission of large flow.
      5, wide applicability:
      Pneumatic ball valves are suitable for the control of liquids, gases and corrosive media, and can work at high temperatures, high pressures and harsh working conditions.
      6, remote control can be realized:
      Through the remote control of the pneumatic actuator, the automatic control of the ball valve can be realized, which is convenient for centralized control and monitoring.
      In short, pneumatic ball valves have the advantages of fast response, simple structure, good sealing performance, small flow resistance, wide applicability and remote control can be realized, so they are widely used in fluid control systems in the industrial field.