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  • What difference between gas source triplex and pneumatic triplex?


    What difference between gas source triplex and pneumatic triplex?


    Pneumatic valve actuator is compressed air as the power to open and close. Pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, pneumatic gate valves, pneumatic globe valves, pneumatic diaphragm valves, pneumatic control valves and other pneumatic series of angular stroke valve drive device. It is to achieve the pipeline long-distance centralized or separate control of the pipeline of the industrial automation of the ideal device.

    Some people are very easy to confuse the gas source triplex and pneumatic triplex. I think the difference between the two is that the gas source triplex by the filter, pressure reducing valve, oil mist, three parts. while the pneumatic triplex by the gas source triplex, signaling switches, solenoid valves are composed of three parts, the gas source triplex is a pneumatic triplex inside the component parts.

    Filter is the air purification device, filtering out water and impurities in the air. Pneumatic actuators to perform the work, indispensable parts. otherwise pneumatic actuator inhalation of impurities will affect the use of its function and service life.

    Pressure reducing valve is to adjust the pressure of the air source to achieve pressure stabilization, after the pressure reducing valve to adjust the pressure is appropriate, the application of locking device. The role of the oil atomizer is to send the oil through the gas pipe to the cylinder to achieve the purpose of lubricating the cylinder.

    Solenoid valves are the main components of pneumatic control components. by solenoid valves can realize remote control. Solenoid valves are used for pneumatic valve "open" or "close" electric control operation. In line with NAMUR connection standards, directly mounted on the side of the pneumatic actuator, without the need for pipe connection. According to the instrumentation control system needs to choose a single electric control or double electric control. two-position five-way solenoid valve with double-acting actuator, two-position three-way solenoid valve with single-acting actuator, the whole machine is simple, compact, small volume, long life. The product has basic type (IP67) and explosion-proof type, explosion-proof level ExdIIBT4, and its explosion-proof level is suitable for factories.

    Limit switch, is a device to display the status of the valve, it is a switching contact signal, feedback to the remote control system.

    Positioner, there are electrical positioner and pneumatic positioner. electrical positioner is based on the size of the current signal 4 ~ 20mA on the valve media flow regulation and control. on the contrary, the pneumatic positioner is based on the size of the pneumatic signal 0.02 ~ 0.1MPa on the valve media flow regulation and control.