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  • High Quality UPVC CPVC PPH Dark Grey 90 Degree Elbow Pipe Fitting DIN ANSI JIS

    Pipe Fitting

    High Quality UPVC CPVC PPH Dark Grey 90 Degree Elbow Pipe Fitting DIN ANSI JIS

    UPVC 90 degree  elbow is an important pipe connection accessory commonly used in industrial and construction engineering.

      Physical Feature

      UPVC 90 The elbow is made of polyvinyl chloride material and has excellent physical properties. It has good mechanical strength and impact resistance, can withstand a certain pressure and external force, to ensure the stability of the pipe connection. In addition, the UPVC material has excellent wear resistance and heat resistance, and can run stably in a wide temperature range.

      Chemical Feature

      UPVC material has excellent chemical properties, can resist the erosion of acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosive substances, and maintain the stability and durability of pipe connection.

      Material Feature

      UPVC material has many advantages, including light weight, easy to process, no rust, no conductive, low cost, easy installation and maintenance, etc. In addition, UPVC material has corrosion resistance and stability for a variety of chemicals, making it favored in a variety of engineering fields. 
      This makes the UPVC 90 elbow widely used in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and other fields, because these industries require the extremely high chemical stability of pipeline connections. UPVC 90 elbow bow common in water supply and drainage system, chemical pipeline, sewage treatment equipment, industrial manufacturing and other fields. In construction engineering, it is also widely used in air conditioning system, water supply pipeline, drainage system and other aspects. 


      UPVC 90 elbow with its excellent physical properties, chemical stability, wide applicability and material advantages has become an industrial standard and international standard products. It is an important part in the field of pipeline connection, and provides reliable support for engineering construction, industrial production and municipal construction.




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