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  • China Supplier Handle Manual Operated Lug Type Butterfly Valve

    Butterfly Valve

    China Supplier Handle Manual Operated Lug Type Butterfly Valve

    Material: UPVC, CPVC, PPH, PVDF, FRPP

    Size: 2” - 8”; 63mm -225mm; DN50-DN200

    Standard: DIN

    Connect: Flange

    Working Pressure: 150 PSI

    Operating Temperature: UPVC(5~55℃); PPH&CPVC(5~90℃); PVDF (-20~120℃); FRPP(-20~80℃)

    Body Color: UPVC (Dark Grey), CPVC (Grey), PPH (Beige), PVDF (Ivory), FRPP (Black)

      Products Feature

      1)Easy downstream disassembly. The unique design provides full bi-directional operation, with no need to remove the valve or drain the line when servicing or removing downstream pipework.
      2)Easy installation, precise matching of the valve to contre of the pipe, no need of long bolts, reducing the effect of bolt creep on the seal.
      3)Thickened valve body and reinforcing ribs, no hollow design, design optimization for stress concentration, enhance the strength of the valve under harsh conditions.
      4)Optimised valve/stem seal design to eliminate leakage.
      5)Handle, worm gear, pneumatic and electric actuators are available.

      What is lug butterfly valve?

      It's about adding lug on both sides of the butterfly valve. This design can make the butterfly valve more stable and less prone to sliding or water leakage.
      So why use lug butterfly valve? Originally, fluid control was very important in the industry. Butterfly valves are a commonly used fluid control device. It can control the flow and flow rate of fluids through rotation. The convex ear design makes the butterfly valve have stronger pressure bearing capacity and more stable performance.
      What kind of structure of lug butterfly? It consists of components such as valve body, valve plate, bearings, transmission mechanism, etc. The most critical component is the protrusion that looks like two ears, located on both sides of the valve plate, used to connect the transmission mechanism and bearings. 

      How does lug butterfly work?

      When the drive mechanism rotates, the bearings will drive the valve plate to rotate and convert the rotary motion into a linear motion through the lugs. In this way, the control of medium flow can be realized. When the valve plate is in the open state, the medium can pass smoothly; and when the valve plate is in the closed state, the medium can not pass.

      What is advantage of lug butter fly valve?

      1)Simple structure: 
      The lug type butterfly valve only requires a small number of components, the structure is simple and easy to maintain.
      2)Convenient operation:
      The transmission mechanism rotates at a small angle, and the operating effort is also small . which is convenient for manual operation.
      3) Good sealing performance: 
      The lug type butterfly valve adopts two-way sealing structure, which can ensure that the medium will not leak under the closed state of the valve.

      What is Lug type butterfly valves application?

      It are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries. It especially suitable for occasions where the medium flow requirement is large and the pressure is low. For example, lug type butterfly valves can play a good control role in pipelines conveying natural gas and liquids.




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