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  • China Plastic Worm Gear Type Butterfly Valve

    Butterfly Valve

    China Plastic Worm Gear Type Butterfly Valve


    Size: 5” - 12”; 125mm ~630mm; DN125-DN600

    Standard: ANSI, DIN, JIS,

    Connect: Flange

    Working Pressure: 5” - 12”120 PSI; 12” - 24” 60 PSI

    Operating Temperature: UPVC(5~55℃); PPH&CPVC(5~90℃); PVDF (-20~120℃);

    Body Color: UPVC (Dark Grey), CPVC (Grey), PPH (Beige), PVDF (Ivory), FRPP (Black)

      Products Advantage

      (1) Simple structure, small external dimensions, short structural length, small volume, light weight, suitable for large diameter valves.
      (2) The effective flow area of the valve seat channel is larger when it is fully open, and the fluid resistance is smaller.
      (3) Open and close conveniently and quickly, good regulation performance.
      (4) opening and closing torque is small, due to the rotating shaft on both sides of the butterfly plate by the media action is basically equal, and produce torque in the opposite direction, so the opening and closing of more labor-saving.
      (5) sealing surface materials are generally used rubber, plastic, so the low-pressure sealing performance is good, suitable for pressure below 2.0MPa pressure and temperature is not higher than 200 ℃ of various medium.

      Product Description

      Butterfly valve (butterfly valve) is also called a flap valve. The opening and closing parts is a disc-shaped, which rotating around the valve body to achieve the purpose of opening and closing or regulating. The valve is a simple structure of the regulating valve.
      The butterfly plate is driven by the valve stem, turned 90 °, will be able to complete an opening and closing. Changing the deflection angle of the butterfly plate can control the flow of the medium.

      How worm gear butterfly valve to work? 

      Worm gear type butterfly valve belongs to manual valve. It manually operated the turbine box as to realize the opening and closing of the butterfly valve. It is more installed in the low-pressure pipeline, used to control the flow of the medium in the pipeline. The turbo butterfly valve is applicable to a wide range of occasions. Regardless of the caliber of the size, or the pressure size, can be operated by turbo butterfly valve. Worm gear type butterfly valve can be made into soft seal, can also be made into hard seal, can be made into small caliber, but more suitable for making large caliber.

      How to install butterfly valve?

      1. Place the butterfly valve between the two pre-installed flanges, and note that the bolt holes should be neatly aligned.
      2. Insert the four pairs of bolts and nuts gently into the flange holes, and tighten the nuts slightly to correct the flatness of the flange surface.
      3. Fix the flange on the pipe by spot welding.
      4. Move the butterfly valve out.
      5. Fix the flange on the pipeline by welding.
      6. After the welding port cools down, install the valve.
      7. Calibrate the position of the butterfly valve and tighten the four pairs of bolts. 
      8. Open the butterfly valve to ensure that the valve plate can open and close freely, and then make the valve plate open slightly.
      9. Tighten all nuts in a balanced manner.
      10. Re-confirm that the butterfly valve can open and close freely.


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