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  • Chengdu Chuan Li Plastic Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Successfully Attended The 2023 Chengdu International Water Exhibition

    Company News

    Chengdu Chuan Li Plastic Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Successfully Attended The 2023 Chengdu International Water Exhibition


    We attended in the 2023 International Water Exhibition which held in Chengdu. This water exhibition is one of the important industry exhibition activities of our company. We have showed the latest products and technologies at the exhibition, and exchange and cooperate with colleagues in the industry, to promote the development of the industry.

    As a leading enterprise of water treatment plastic pipe system, Chengdu Chuanli Plastic Pipe Industry Co., Ltd has been committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. We have accumulated rich experience and professional technology in the field of plastic pipe, and constantly launched high-quality products in line with international standards, by the majority of customers trust and praise.


    In the Chengdu International Water Exhibition, we showed our latest technology and products, including environmentally friendly plastic pipe materials, engineering application solutions, etc., and showed the latest achievements of Chengdu Chuanli in the industry technology innovation and product research and development.

    In this exhibition, we exhibited our Clear-PVC pipe fittings, PVDF pneumatic valve, PVDF electric valve and other new self-energy products. Show customers our remote self-energy control equipment and software.

    Through our unremitting efforts, customers can more efficiently and simply manage related operation work. Through this exhibition, we introduced to more customers how to choose more matching material types under different working conditions; practical application cases and characteristics of pipeline systems of different materials. Customers can intuitively understand the role and performance of different materials.

    company news

    Participating in this water exhibition, we have in-depth exchanges and cooperation with more industry partners, share successful experience, discuss the development trend of the industry, and jointly promote the technological progress and product innovation in the field of water treatment.

    We are taking this opportunity to learn from our peers of all over the world, explore and get to know the international market.To Ready for extending of the company domestic and foreign market. We are looking forward to sharing our latest achievements with more partners and discussing the direction and opportunities of the future development of the industry! Welcome to visit and join us.