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  • Chengdu Chuanli Plastic Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Held A Food Group Building Activities


    Chengdu Chuanli Plastic Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Held A Food Group Building Activities


    On September 9,2023, Chengdu Chuanli Plastic Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. successfully held a unique group building activity, with colorful food experience as the theme, bringing a food feast and happy team building experience for the company employees. As an enterprise committed to environmental protection and sustainable development, Chengdu Chuanli Plastic Pipe Co., Ltd. has always paid attention to the teamwork and positive corporate culture. The purpose of this food group building activity is to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere for employees, enhance mutual understanding and emotional communication, and improve team cohesion and employee happiness.

    In this activity, the company carefully organized a series of food experience projects, including DIY food, food taste, food culture exchange and other links. Employees have the opportunity to show their cooking skills, participate in the production process of food in a good atmosphere, and promote the cooperation and communication between teams through interactive ways. In addition, the activity also arranged a food tasting link, so that employees can taste different regions, different flavors of food culture, to enhance the understanding and appreciation of food. All of these projects bring pleasure and fun to the team members, while also enhancing the communication and emotional connection with each other.

    The focus of this time is to let the staff really understand the culture and history of hot pot, hot pot, the ancient name of "antique soup". Named for the "Gudong" sound when the food is put into the boiling water, it is one of the original Chinese delicacies, and also a kind of food suitable for all ages. Hot pot is not only a way of cooking, but also a symbol of a culture.


    Hot pot is to point to with the pot as an appliance commonly, burn the pot with heat source, with water or soup boil to boil all kinds of ways of food cooking. It can also refer to the pot used in this way of cooking. Its features are cooking while eating, or the pot itself has a thermal insulation effect. Eat hot pot if the gout can be drunk with low food to prevent the recurrence of gout.

    Hot pot is now to eat now hot, hot and salty fresh, oil but not greasy, dehumidification, suitable for the climate of mountains and rivers, now the development of mandarin duck pot, spicy, light, each need, according to the individual like to add different soup, food, suitable for the old and young, to the winter of the best.

    Typical hot pot ingredients include all kinds of meat, seafood, vegetables, soy products, mushrooms, egg products, staple food, etc., put them into the boiled water or special stock pot bottom hot cooked food. Some of them are also dipped with seasonings.

    In 1947, Li Jieren published an article titled "On The Food, Food, Housing and Transportation of the Chinese People" in "The Local Magazine", which mentioned that hot pot originated in Chongqing. Through this food group building activity, the company has achieved certain results. In the activity, the employees enjoyed the fun of delicious food, narrowed the interpersonal relationship, and enhanced the sense of belonging and cohesion to the company. At the same time, it also promotes the mutual understanding and teamwork among employees, which is conducive to the company's team building and the construction of corporate culture.

    Chengdu Chuanli Plastic Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the corporate culture concept of "caring for employees, building harmony", provide more meaningful group building activities for employees, promote the cohesion and development of the team, and lay a more solid foundation for the long-term development of the company.

    We hope that through such group building activities, everyone can get along more harmoniously and give the company more fresh, vitality and accomplish!