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  • 0.35-6L DN15-50 Pulse Damper Airbag Pulsation Damper For Dosing Pump

    Pulsation Damper

    0.35-6L DN15-50 Pulse Damper Airbag Pulsation Damper For Dosing Pump

    Material: UPVC PP PVDF SUS304 SUS316L

    Size: DN15~DN32

    pressure resistance: 1.0Mpa

    Gasbag: FPM, EPDM, NBR

    Connect: Thread, Socket, Flange

    Products Features:

    Inflate to absorb pulses and balance line flow

    Corrosion and aging resistant, airbag rolling effect sensitive

      What is pulsation dampener?

      Pulsation dampener, also known as pulsation buffer, pulse damper. It is a commonly used component to eliminate pipeline pulsation. It is a metering pump must be equipped with accessories. Pulse damper can smooth the pipeline pulsation caused by piston pumps, diaphragm pumps and other volumetric pumps and eliminate the water hammer phenomenon of the system. It is corrosion-resistant diaphragm will be isolated from the gas and the liquid in the pipeline. Pulse damper smooth the pipeline pulsation through the change of the volume of the gas chamber. It storage and release the energy of the pressurized liquid. This series of products are widely used in chemical, water treatment, food and beverage, electric power, papermaking, textile and fluid machinery industries.

      What is pulsation dampener function?

      1.Eliminate the harm of water hammer to the system.
      2.Reduce the peak value of flow rate fluctuation and ensure the correct display of pump outlet pressure gauge.
      3.Reduce the pressure fluctuations on the pipeline, elbow, joint impact.
      4.Absorb the pulsation of the pump, create a good working environment for it and improve the working performance of the pump.
      5.Allow the system to use smaller pipe diameter, reducing costs.
      6.And back pressure valve and so on with the use of pipeline pressure fluctuations can be close to zero.
      7.Emergency or rapid energy storage, reducing system energy consumption.

      How does a airbag pulsation damper work?

      Airbag Pulsation Damper is a device mainly used for pressure pulsation and noise elimination in piping systems. It reduces pressure pulsation and noise in the system by installing an elastic airbag in the system, which converts the pulsation of pressure in the system into volumetric pulsation of the gas inside the airbag, thus reducing the pressure pulsation and noise in the system.
      Airbag Pulsation Dampers work by utilizing the elasticity of the airbag to absorb pressure pulsations in the pipeline, thereby reducing noise and vibration in the system. When the fluid in the pipeline pulsates, the volume of gas inside the air bladder is affected and expands or contracts, thus reducing the pressure pulsations in the system.


      Caliber(D) Volume(L) HightH(mm) DiameterD(mm) Connection
      DN15 0.35 192 Φ134 socket,thread,flange
      DN20 0.6 202 Φ135 socket,thread,flange
      DN25 1.0 235 Φ158 socket,thread,flange
      DN25 1.5 288 Φ158 socket,thread,flange
      DN32 2.0 338 Φ158 socket,thread,flange
      DN32 3.0 280 Φ230 socket,thread,flange
      DN40 4.0 285 Φ250 socket,thread,flange
      DN40/DN50 5.0 385 Φ250 socket,thread,flange
      DN40/DN50 6.0 485 Φ250 socket,thread,flange


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