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  • High quality UPVC CPVC PVDF true union transparent Y strainer filter

    Y Type Filter

    High quality UPVC CPVC PVDF true union transparent Y strainer filter

    Material: UPVC, CPVC, PVDF, SUS304

    Filtration precision: 10 mesh, 20 mesh, 40 mesh

    Size: DN15-100

    Principle: Pressurized Filtration

    Function: solid-liquid separation

    Style: Y-type

    Performance: high efficiency filtration

    Applicable object: water

    Applicable object nature: corrosive Filter

    Filter media type: quartz sand

    Filter Type: Tubular

      Products Features

      High chemical stability, meet the acid broken chemical transportation.
      Convenient flushing, when too much impurity accumulates in the filter, the filter can be taken out and cleaned.
      Transparent and visible, easy to observe.

      What is Y-type filter?

      Plastic Y-type filter is an indispensable device on the pipeline for conveying fluids, usually installed in the pumps and valves or other equipment inlet bake. Used to filter impurities in the fluid to protect valves, pumps and the normal use of equipment. 
      Application: chemical industry, light industry, water treatment, metallurgy, dyestuffs, effective filtration precision.

      What is correct way to install Y -type filter?

      The Y-type filter can be installed horizontally or vertically downward. Just when installing, attention should be paid to the material of the gasket of the filter. If it is made of non-metallic material, it will be easy to be damaged due to high temperature.
      Again, pay attention to the direction of the filters for different pipelines, such as the direction of the filters for gas pipelines should be horizontal. The filters for liquid pipelines should be installed facing downward.

      What is Y-type filter function?

      Y-type filter is a small device mainly used to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid. It is protecting the compressor, pumps, instruments and other equipment for normal operation. When water, oil and other fluids enter the cartridge with of filter mesh, the impurities in the fluid are blocked, and the clean filtrate is discharged through the outlet of the filter. Y-type filter is extremely convenient to use and maintain. When the equipment needs to be cleaned, it is only necessary to take out the removable cartridge, and then re-install it into the equipment after it is cleaned.

      How to choose Y-type filter?

      Filtration precision: 
      The core of a filter is the cartridge and the filter. the cartridge determines the quality of filtration. the filter determines the precision of filtration. The filtration precision of the filter is too small, will lead to clogging due to the reduction of water pressure. The filtration precision is too large, and can not achieve the filtration effect. In general, the more appropriate precision is 40 microns or so.
      Filter Material: 
      The material of the filter is generally chosen to be the same as the material of the connected process piping, valve etc.
      Filter inlet and outlet diameters: 
      In principle, the inlet and outlet diameters of the filter should not be smaller than the inlet diameters of the matching pumps, and are generally consistent with the caliber of the inlet pipeline.
      Filter resistance loss calculation: 
      water filter, in general calculation of the rated flow rate, the pressure loss of 0.52 ~ 1.2kpa.




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