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  • UPVC 1-2 Inch ~ 4 Inch Pneumatic Actuator True Union Ball Valve Price List

    Ball Valve

    UPVC 1-2 Inch ~ 4 Inch Pneumatic Actuator True Union Ball Valve Price List

    Material: UPVC, CPVC, PPH, PVDF, FRPP

    Size: 1/2” - 12”; 20mm -110mm; DN15-DN100

    Standard: ANSI, DIN, JIS, CNS

    Connect: Socket, Thread(NPT, BSPF, PT), Fusion welding, Welding

    Working Pressure: 150 PSI

    Pneumatic Actuator Min Pressure: 45PSI; Max Operate Pressure: 120PSI

    Operating Temperature: UPVC(5~55℃); PPH&CPVC(5~90℃); PVDF (-20~120℃); FRPP(-20~80℃)

    Body Color: UPVC (Dark Grey), CPVC (Grey), PPH (Beige), PVDF (Ivory), FRPP (Black)

      Products Feature

      1)The actuator has passed impact testing, acid alkali testing, and the material meets SGS requirements.
      2)The valve opening can be adjusted from 15 to 90 degrees.
      3) The material undergoes nano modification to improve the product's pressure resistance and impact resistance.
      4) Adding anti UV absorbers and antioxidants to raw materials to improve product weather resistance and aging resistance.
      5) 100% performance testing before delivery.

      What is pneumatic ball valve?

      Pneumatic ball valves are used to control the flow of a media (liquid or gas) by means of a rotating ball with a bore. Pneumatic actuators control ball valves by converting compressed air energy to mechanical motion. The rotating ball is controlled and turned by a pneumatic actuator.

      What is different between single acting and double acting pneumatic actuator ball valve?

      Single-acting and double-acting in pneumatic ball valve means that the pneumatic actuator of pneumatic ball valve can be divided into single-acting and double-acting. The difference is that single-acting cylinders have springs and double-acting cylinders do not have springs. Therefore, the price of single-acting pneumatic actuators is higher than double-acting pneumatic actuators.

      What are single-acting cylinders and double-acting cylinders?

      Single-acting cylinders have only one chamber that can be fed with compressed air to realize movement in one direction. Its piston rod can only be pushed back by external forces; usually by spring force, diaphragm tension, gravity, etc..
      Double-acting cylinder refers to two chambers can be respectively input compressed air, to achieve two-way movement of the cylinder. Its structure can be divided into double piston rod type, single piston rod type, double piston type, cushioning and non-cushioning type.
      If there is a malfunction of the gas source or a sudden power failure, the single-acting pneumatic actuator will automatically return to the open condition by means of a spring, which is often referred to as an emergency shut-off valve, and will return to the set condition. If it is set to off, it will return to the off state, which is generally used in dangerous working conditions.
      For example, when transporting flammable gases or flammable liquids, when the gas source is lost and an emergency occurs, the single-acting pneumatic actuator can be reset automatically to minimize the danger, while the double-acting pneumatic actuator cannot be reset. 

      How to choose 

      Single-acting cylinder and double-acting cylinder stroke are the same, mainly based on specific user requirements to choose. Single-acting is generally used in the case of power cuts and gas cuts, the valve is required to open or close.
      Why can’t electric actuator PVC true union ball valve without the good quality air supply assistance?
      PVC true union ball valve is by compressed air to get power to drive the valve switch or adjust the control. The quality of the air source directly affects the use of the valve. Good, stable, high-quality air source can increase the service life of the valve, while the air source is not stable will directly damage the valve, shorten the service life.
      Good air pressure shall be stable, generally between 5-6bar. It mainly single-acting valves, less than 5bar air pressure may lead to the valve can not be opened. when several valves are used at the same time, the air compressor shall have the corresponding capacity, which ensure the power of the actuator can be realized. At the same time multiple valves are open or closed; compressed air shall be cooled, filtered, cleaned of water and impurities. The valve's air inlet to be installed Air filtration triplet: filter, regulator, oil filter. Long-distance delivery of compressed air, you can use the site near the installation of some air tubes to stabilize the air pressure. The air pipe and air fittings should not be leaked.
      The good operation of PVC true union ball valves requires the assistance of high-quality air supply.




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