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  • Valve Manufacturer DN15 DN25 DN40 DN50 DN100 two-piece Plastic Flange Ball Valve

    Ball Valve

    Valve Manufacturer DN15 DN25 DN40 DN50 DN100 two-piece Plastic Flange Ball Valve

    Material: UPVC, CPVC, PPH, PVDF, FRPP

    Size: 1/2” - 4”; 20mm -110; DN15 -DN100

    Standard: ANSI, DIN, JIS, CNS

    Connect: Flange

    Working Pressure: 150 PSI

    Operating Temperature: UPVC(5~55℃); PPH&CPVC(5~90℃); PVDF (-20~120℃); FRPP (-20~80℃);

    Handle Color: Red Green Blue Orange

    Body Color: UPVC (Dark Grey), CPVC (Grey), PPH (Beige), PVDF (Ivory), FRPP (Dark Grey)

      Products Feature

      1)Compliant with drinking water standards.
      2)Low switch torque.
      3)The material undergoes nano modification to improve the product's pressure resistance and impact resistance.
      4)Adding anti UV absorbers and antioxidants to raw materials to improve product weather resistance and aging resistance.
      5)Valves 100 % pressure testing before leaving the factory.

      What is a flange valve?

      A flange valve connection is a type of connection that uses a gasket between the flanges of a valve and pipe to seal the joint. It is secured with bolts, and if installed correctly, flange connections create a fluid-tight seal.

      How to produce to the flange ball valve?

      Ball valve body are molded by high-precision CNC machine tools to ensure product accuracy.
      Ball valve body and stem assembly holes are precision machined by advanced boring machine to ensure its sealing.
      Ball valve each ball are first turned with CNC machine tools, so that the roundness of the ball body control within 0.05mm, and then use a special grinding machine to grind, to ensure that the ball valve in the switch smoothly and without too much effort, to ensure that it is not easy to leak.
      Each stop ring of the ball valve is turned and polished according to the roundness of the ball body, so that it is closely combined with the ball body to increase its service life and ensure its sealing.
      The flat bearing part of each product is machined by high precision CNC lathe to ensure the close combination of flat bearing and "○" ring.

      What is advantage of flange ball valve?

      Flanged ball valves have a very simple structure, requiring only a ball and some gaskets for on-off control. This not only reduces manufacturing costs, but also facilitates maintenance and replacement.
      Flanged ball valve gasket can use a variety of materials, such as polytetrafluoroethylene, rubber and metal, etc., can be in high temperature, high pressure and corrosive media to maintain good sealing.
      The operating lever of the flanged ball valve can be rotated quickly to realize quick opening and closing, which is convenient for users to operate.




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